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Open 51 weeks from 7.30am to 6pm

The Homestead Childcare

An Example of A Day in the Life


07.30 - Arrival time at The Homestead, where you are greeted by Sarah or Jodie, the Nursery Managers. Time to hang up your coat, comfy shoes and yum its breakfast time.

08.30 - Breakfast time ends and we begin to play

09.00 - Song time, sometimes with props, instruments and lots of dance an movement

09.00 – 1000 free flow snack time / self-selection for those hungry and thirsty tummies after all the singing

09.30 – Vanessa’s here for French time! Bonjour Vanessa! or

09.30 – Toddler group for a small group, time for some small group bonding and fun going out into our community making new friends and sharing new toys

10.00 – adult led activity / outdoor play / free play. Lots of choice for the children, what will you choose

10.00 small group work for developing our skills in certain areas, maybe we shall do magic box? Sorting and matching? Who knows?

11.30 – Its lunch time! Let’s find our chair and up to the table

12.15 - 1230 sleep or rest time, sharing stories or relaxing on the sofas together having a cuddle

13.30 - story time for the children who aren’t sleeping, we gather in the lounge area and get comfy with sofas cushions and soft warm rug soo snuggly!

13.30 – trip to the park for a small group of children, time to burn some more energy

13.45 - jigsaws / drawing / outdoor play, time for quitter play and small group work

14.30 - After a lovely snooze or rest it’s time for snack and milk, we have a nice

15.00 - 1600 – time to collect older children from school, we love to see our older siblings and friends

16.15 - Dinner time for all, it’s a big event with our rather large family!

16.30 - Planned activity / outdoor play / free play. What shall we do today?

17.00 - Children begin to go home

17.30 Tidy up time, let’s all make it nice again, ready for tomorrow. Time for us all to go home


Activities and resources are laid out for self-selection and free play. Adult led activities are based on our long term planning, the child’s individual interests and learning styles

Settling In

A Day in the Life of

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