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The Homestead Childcare
Extra Curricular activites

Extra Curricular Activities

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Guitar Lessons

As well as the joy of being able to play an instrument, learning the guitar can bring so many other benefits too. It helps with learning math, practicing good manners (including patience!), and becoming a team player.


  • It improves academic skills.

  • It develops physical skills and co-ordination.

  • It cultivates social skills.

  • It refines discipline and patience.

  • It boosts self-esteem.

  • It introduces children to other cultures.

Beat Building Percussion Club Classes

For children 4 and under (during the day)


“Rhythm is all around us, the world has a natural rhythm and so do we; our hearts beat, we breathe in and out, walk and talk all in our own rhythm.  Rhythm is an integral part of the human experience, we all have it.  


At Beat Building we are passionate about showing the positive effects of drumming and the fact that music can be created by all. The benefits of creating music, and of drumming in particular, are well documented and far reaching.

Wild  Fang

Wild Fangs is an educational animal encounters company – (During the day for the younger children and perhaps after school or during the school holidays for the older children)


“Wild fangs specialize in delivering interactive, educational and entertaining encounters on the natural world using live animals. Our key philosophy is ‘education through engagement’ – we believe that children learn better through first-hand experiences. Our talks can cover a variety of national curriculum and educational subjects.

wild fangs

French Lessons

We believe that learning a language is so important and the the younger, the better. When children are still babies, their mind is being constructed and structured every day in order to understand the stimulus that they get from the world around them. For our older children we know the importance of learning the basics before heading off to high school


1-4 year olds: Introduction to French through songs, fun activities and games.


5+ year olds: Introduction to French through songs, fun activities, role-plays and games, as well as some reading and writing tasks for the older ones.