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Open 51 weeks from 7.30am to 6pm

The Homestead Childcare


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Meal and snack times are a time of social interaction and children are encouraged to sit together and observe good table manners.


We actively promote healthy eating within our setting and provide the children in our care with a varied menu.


Our food is organic homemade food served freshly to our children, our menus have been planned taking into account the nutritional values, providing a balanced diet whilst including any traditional / cultural dishes, request from the children and any allergies.


Children are never forced to eat anything they don't want to, however they are encouraged to try a little bit of everything.  In our experience children are much more willing to try new things outside of their own home! I always make it fun and we do a “drum roll” as they try the new food! With an “I tried a new food” certificate to follow!


We develop a weekly menu which is available for your viewing it’s on the wall in the cloak room; this is on a 6 week rolling menu

Children with any special dietary needs, cultural needs or allergies will be catered for and discussed in detail at our settling in meeting. Menus will vary during the school holidays to accommodate picnics on our outings etc.


Toast and cereals



Scrambled egg on toast


Organic Yoghurt


All meals are served with vegetables or salad with fruit and yoghurt for after


Jacket potatoes with cheese/beans/tuna

Sandwiches or rolls

Pitta bread/ bread sticks with houmous, cucumber, carrot sticks

Soup with bread/roll

Cheese on toast

Pasta dishes


All meals are served with vegetables or salad with fruit and yoghurt for after



Roast dinner

Jacket potatoes with toppings

Shepherd’s pie

Spaghetti Bolognese

Fish pie


Chilli con carne

Chicken curry and rice

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