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Open 51 weeks from 7.30am to 6pm

The Homestead Childcare

The Homestead Childcare is a small nursery setting and after school club located in Ruislip. We are set in beautiful rural surroundings, amongst fields and countryside whilst being a perfect location for commuting to work for our parents.


We are close to Ruislip woods and Ruislip Lidos both of which we love to explore.


We have a large open space with trees and shrubbery, areas to hide and make dens! We have a patio area too with lots of fun things to do


We are a small homely setting offering places for children from 6 months to 11 years.


With 20 years home based childcare experience Jodie and I value the home based approach and all that it stands for. We are very experienced in home based childcare and therefore this knowledge and ethos continues on in our new setting.


We like the closeness, the homely feel, the ability to go off and visit the park should we choose and this is something that continues on at The Homestead.


We understand that some day’s children want to run around and have fun and there are times when they want to sit and have a cuddle and a story.


We believe that people play a massive part in creating this; we feel that warmth, love and laughter are so important. Children need happy, creative, thought provoking play partners to make learning happen through play, not only with adults but peers too. Our children of all ages play together and thrive in this kind of set up. The older children learn kindness, patience and understand and about being gentle, our younger children and babies see the older children as role models, they imitate their play, look up to them, learn the rules of conversation, copy how they conduct themselves at meal times and many other skills.


The Homestead is as much like our homes as possible, in terms of soft furnishings, soft colour schemes with a warm but natural feel. We eat at the dining tables for lunch and dinner rather than small tables or high chairs. At meal times we talk about our day, encouraging good table manners and have the feeling of a family meal at the dining table rather than a commercial canteen style meal time where we all sit in long lines on metal benches, the children have place mats, the table is laid, as it would be at home, with the help of our children of course. A selection of fruit is available for the children which they can help themselves to after their meal.


We have a lounge area with warm cosy rugs and sofas to relax on; the environment represents our homes with things like lamps, plants and photos of each and every one in frames. Each area that your child explore will have the element of home, even our water play area is made from a bath!


We constantly strive to give our children memorable experiences with exciting opportunities to learn through play, which they might not always be able to do at home, and give them the opportunity to make some of their first friends.


We ensure every child is well prepared for starting "big school".  We nurture every individual to feel confident in whom they are and be an enthusiastic learner.

Our Setting

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