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Open 51 weeks from 7.30am to 6pm

The Homestead Childcare our vision

Our Vision

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Children learn best, feel valued and cared for when they have your undivided attention, we believe that getting down to the child’s level, giving eye contact is extremely important; it shows that you’re listening, it gives respect and it shows that you want to listen, giving value to the interactions with the children.


We believe that freedom of movement is so important, being able to express themselves without the confines of “baby room” “toddler room” etc.


Just slowing down, having time and making the little things count. I remember the day I stood with one of my little ones and just watched the diggers at work on the roadside. Time stood still as people passed and we just stood and watched, taking it all in.

We believe that hands on discovery is so important, using all your senses and all your ‘languages’ (forms of communication and expression) to discover and learn. We believe that play and learning should be based on the child’s interests and for the children to discover this through using natural resources, authentic materials and tools. We believe that being a play partner, working things out together through investigation and exploration rather than the child coming to the adult to be given the answers.