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The Homestead Childcare
partnership with parents

Partnership with Parents

We believe that it is extremely important to have excellent partnerships with the parents/guardians of the children in our care. This is achieved by:


Face to Face Contact - We are happy to talk to you about any concerns they have regarding their child when you come to drop off or pick up.


Telephone/Email Contact - It may be more suitable to discuss any issues over the telephone or email when you have more time or when little ears are elsewhere!  


Daily Diaries (0-5s) - Each child has a learning diary which is an online communication diary for both staff and parents to write in.  We enter information each day about the child's mood, activities, meals, sleep, toilet habits etc!  It is very useful if our too write in the diary to provide us with any important information eg teething, had a bad night’s sleep.


Learning Journeys (0-5s) - With your permission we observe children's learning whilst they are with us.  We take photographs which show the child's learning and keep them together in individual online Eylog learning journeys. These are always available for parents to see and to take away when the child leaves our care.  


Monthly Newsletters – To provide you with up to date information on our setting, what we have been doing, our plans  for the month ahead, dates for your diary, updates on our personal training

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"Special to Me" Book


These are for any child who wishes to make one but were designed for children of pre-school age.  They have proved to be a fantastic resource to help the child settle into a new childcare setting and to provide on-going support to the child. These books work alongside each Childs “Learning Journey” Both concepts helping us understand about your special little one, the more we understand the better we can support them in the way that is right for them.


They help our parent partnerships by sharing lots of information about whom and what is important in the child’s life. These books link too many areas of the learning and development stages and also cover many areas of the curriculum including the main focus; to value each child and their family as unique.


Every child is unique, and should feel valued. It is important that they have the opportunity to contribute and celebrate their experiences in every setting they attend.  The book consists of a variety of photographs of family members, friends, pets, and anyone who is in the child’s life. It can be written in the family’s own script/ language and handwriting. The names of the people who appear in the book should be written as they are known. For example, Nan, grandma, granny etc.


This book helps them to recognise the key people in their lives and their immediate environment, to learn our names and provide facial recognition. We believe the book helps to provide continuity and a feeling of inclusion while supporting the transition between our setting and home. We therefore include the books as part of the settling in process and would kindly ask parents of all new children to my home to provide me with photographs please.


We welcome you to use the book, take it home, and stick in any photographs or anything of significance. You can take it to different settings for other important people to add to or share.


Our daily ‘winding down time’ includes looking through the children’s favourite books and having the option for each child to have their own book would be a great way of them introducing their family, people at their home to us all.


Each child has their own special people to them, special skills and interests and we would love to celebrate this and their experiences with them


The children can decorate the pages using different materials and colouring tools. They will be A5 size pages and once ready they will be laminated and hole- punched. The thread which holds them together can be tied loosely to allow us to add more pages as and when. The children may want to add pages about a special event or occasion or a holiday they went on.


If your child would like to make one of these with us please let us know and send in photographs you would like to appear in the book

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