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Open 51 weeks from 7.30am to 6pm

The Homestead Childcare summary of terms and policies

Summary of Terms and  Policies

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Opening Hours:  Monday – Friday 7.30am to 6.00pm


Term Time and School Holiday


Hourly Charge:  A minimum 5 hours per day - please contact us for more information 


Our Hourly Rate still applies should you chose not to bring your child as per agreed on the contracted days and times.


Deposit: 2 week non- refundable deposit required


Late Charges: Will apply after contracted time on an hourly basis with five minutes grace given.


Late Payments: Please contact us for more information


Retainer Fees: Half hourly rate to keep place open during school holidays or any other long period of absence


Holidays: We close for 1 week at Christmas and up to 4 training days throughout the year


Bank Holidays: Closed


Meals: Breakfast, lunch and tea - please contact us for more information


Nappies: Please contact us for more information    


Eylog Daily Diary: Completed for every child up until the child attends reception this includes daily activities, praises, achievements, food observations, nappy changing and any other information to share with parents.


Outings: Extra cost – prior notice and permission from parents